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Children of the American Revolution

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National Theme "Browsing History"
National Project "James Monroe Online"
Office Officer
National C.A.R. President Erin Moore
Senior National President Joanne Zumbrun
Great Lakes Region Vice President Madden Brady
Senior Great Lakes Region Vice President Sandy Zeles
Indiana C.A.R. President Nathanel Knight
Senior State President Carol Nichols

C.A.R. Office Senior
Caleb Weaver 1st V.P. Melany Weaver
Ba’Leigh Breedlove 2nd V.P. Diane Knight
Harley Humbert Chaplain Steven Weaver
Bridget Green Recording Secretary Theresa Green
Anthony Green Organizing Secretary Melinda Grismer
Trevor Smurdon Corresponding Secretary Kathrynmary Schultz
Abby Weaver Treasurer Morissa Humbert
Anna James Registrar Elaine Sholty
Taylor Rathbun Historian Brittany Merkel
Lacy Rathbun Librarian Stephanie Schweitzer
Brendan Smurdon Curator Katrina Rathbun

C.A.R. Chairman Senior
Allysson George American Heritage Jamie Simek
Lara George American History Cynthia Stout
Keeleigh Breedlove American Indian Katrina Rathbun
Grant Breedlove C.A.R. Magazine and Newsletter Bob Weaver
James Anderson Jr C.A.R./DAR/SAR/SR Relations Cathy Reedy
Anthony Green Conservation Jennifer Rivers
J.T. Voris Endowment Fund/Archives Michelle Knight
James Schultz Government Studies Beth Thurston
David Sholty Information Technology Leonard Nichols
Zackary Schweitzer Kids Helping Kids John Carter
Elizabeth Humbert Magazine Fund Philip Knight
Mallory Vorhis Membership Tammy Snider
Harley Humbert Mountain Schools Vicky Voris
Zack Miller National Merit Award Jacob Weaver
Bryton Schweitzer Patriotic Education Marie Henderickson
Amelia Angelone Public Relations Michelle Angelone
Ethan Podleask Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Naomi Podlesak
Lydia McDowell Veterans Vannetta McDowell

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