State C.A.R. President’s Project

Items for sale to raise funds for Historical Marker


The 50" x 60" Eagle Throw is 100% acrylic and machine washable.

Voices are $1.00 EACH or $5.00 for SIX (Please make copies of voices as needed.)


Patriotic Pins  $1.75


Large Bag  16"  x 13 ¾"   $17.00  each                          

(The blue background on sides of bag are the same shade of blue. One side is not darker then the other- as shown in the photo)


ORDER FORM FOR PINS AND BAGS (to see photos of these items, go to:


Name: ____________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________


City, State and Zip Code: ____________________________________________________


Please indicate the items you wish to order below:


Qty.             Item                                         Price/each             Total/item  


______       Square USA Pin                       $ 1.75                    _____________              


______       Flag Pin                                    $ 1.75                    _____________


______       Star Pin with 3 stars                  $ 1.75                    _____________          


______       Star Pin with many stars            $ 1.75                    _____________         


______       BAGS                                      $17.00                   _____________



TOTAL AMOUNT OF ORDER:       __________________________________


Make checks payable to “State C.A.R.” 

Send all orders for PINS and BAGS, and Filled out VOICES and payments to:     


Mrs. Allen L. Stout

Sr. State C.A.R. Treasurer

7412 S. 800 E.

Frankfort, IN 46041