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For my project I set up an endowment fund to provide assistance for each incoming and current CAR state president. This fund will provide the registration and admission into all major events for both the current and incoming state president at the National CAR conference. If the project goes well, I would also be willing to open this endowment to other members of the Indiana State Society CAR to attend free of charge. This will encourage more attendance at the national convention, to which Indiana tends to have a very small showing. This will also reduce the cost for many families with multiple CAR members in the family.

I would also like to encourage membership by getting CAR into the community. I will encourage all local societies to participate in philanthropic events, whether this is a weekend at a local food pantry or collecting Campbellís soup labels. This will show the community the good work that we do as an organization. In this time where many of our service men are over seas, I will encourage our members to write letters to service men, or to visit places and talk to those people who like our ancestors are defending freedom. Another way of honoring our service men would be to participate in Senator Lugarís Indiana Veterans History Project, a project that is recording oral interviews from Indiana veterans, which is spearheaded by one of our own senators and has received national attention for its unique way of presenting the history of these great men. I only wish that my late grandfather had been around when the project started he would have loved to share his story. In this way we help preserve a portion of not only Indianaís history but also that of the United States.

In all of these was ways I hope to encourage membership, participation, and getting our name out in the community as an institution for the raising of young people in true patriotism and love of country.

Respectfully submitted,
Rachel Henderson
Indiana C.A.R. State President

Updated November 16, 2007
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