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I am Ian Henderson, this year’s Indiana State President for The Children of the American Revolution. I would like to introduce you to my president’s project, “Know Your Rights.” My project will consist of filming a public service announcement to be aired on local television stations. I have already communicated with these stations and at this point only need to film the announcement.

The announcement will be focused on the Bill of Rights. I believe many Americans have lost touch with their original rights and need to be aware of them. This day in age, our rights are constantly infringed upon and I am hoping my announcement will significantly hinder this. This announcement will be targeted towards all age groups but in a way so that small children can also understand.

To fund this project, Indiana State CAR is selling patriotic items at our state board meetings, as well as at any DAR or SAR meetings we are invited to attend. I hope for a great outcome this year in increasing membership and awareness. Please feel free to help us in anyway possible.

Thank you very much for your consideration,

Ian Henderson
6090 CrowsNest Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46228

Updated November 16, 2007
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