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This is Paige Newhouse, your 2012-2013 Indiana C.A.R. State President. I am super excited to serve as your State President as I have many plans for this year, including celebrating the 225th year of the United States Constitution through raising funds for my state project, We the People. We the People is a constitutional program through the Indiana Bar Foundation that promotes constitutional literacy for elementary, middle, and high school students. We the People’s primary goal is to promote civic competence and responsibility among elementary and secondary students. Please help contribute to We the People by purchasing "Celebrate 225" pins and magnets or "Celebrate C.A.R." magnets.

Furthermore, my other main goal for this exciting year is to increase C.A.R. membership. C.A.R. is an amazing organization that is dedicated to celebrating and preserving America’s great history and values. To continue with this preservation of America and move forward into the future, it is C.A.R.’s duty to attract new membership. Please, if you know anyone who is or may be eligible for C.A.R., go to or email me for more information.

I am delighted to write that Indiana will host the Great Lakes Regional Meeting in Lafayette July 16-17 and the summer National Board meeting on July 16. Please attend the Regional Meeting! For our first State Board meeting on August 19, we will have a pool party at my house. I hope to see you all at our state and regional meeting! If you have any questions, please contact me ASAP. Again, I have many hopes and aspirations for this exciting year!

Paige Newhouse
Indiana State President C.A.R.

Updated Sept 4, 2013
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