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Projects from Past State Presidents

2003-2004 State President, Melody Pike’s State Project:
Children in 1776

2004-2005 State President, Cassie Carter’s State Project:
Monument in Delphi, IN

2005-2006 State President, Rachel Henderson’s State Project:
Endowment Fund

2006-2007 State President, Ian Henderson’s State Project:
“Know Your Rights.”

2007-2008 State President, Kelly Ann Carter’s State Project:
“Let’s SCALE new heights with C.A.R.”

2008-2009 State President, Steven Weaver’s State Project:
“Swim with me to Tamassee”

2009-2010 State President, John Carter's State Project:
“Fly High with I.S.C.A.R.”

2010-2011 State President, Jacob Weaver's State Project:
“Sending a Little Love to Loveway.”

2011-2012 State President, Daniel Weaver's State Project:
“The Call Of America”

2012-2013 State President, Paige Newhouse's State Project:
“We the People”

2013-2014 State President, Hannah Vandermolen's State Project:
“Circle of Change”

2014-2015 State President, Hannah Weaver's State Project:
“A Need to Read”

2015-2016 State President, Alex Knight's State Project:
“A Home For Our Heroes”

2016-2017 State President, Rachel Weaver State Project:
“Adventure Awaits"

2017-2018 State President, Nathanael Knight State Project:
“Honoring Our Heroes One Last Time"

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