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Charter Members


Descendant of Daniel Tuttle

Josephine Tuttle Thomas was born January 31, 1856, in Bloomfield, NJ, the daughter of Joseph Farrand (1818-1901) and Susan King Tuttle (1815-1902).  She was educated at Clinton, New York.  Then  the family came to Crawfordsville in 1861 when her father, Dr. Tuttle, became President of Wabash College, a position he held for 30 years. 

Dr. Charles Lambert Thomas, a graduate of Wabash, (class of 1856), served in the Civil War under the command of General Sherman.  Upon his return to Crawfordsville, he became an attorney, practicing with his brother, Albert D. Thomas.  He died March 4, 1917.

Mrs. Thomas died March 11, 1935, age 92. She was survived by a stepdaughter, Mrs. Landon C. (Martha) Rose, a sister, Mrs. Everett B. (Catharine) Thomson.  Both she and her husband are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery.

Mrs. Thomas was unanimously elected the first regent of Dorothy Q at the first meeting which was held in her home, on January 18, 1898. She attended Continental Congress that year. There were 13 other women to become members that first year. Mrs. Thomas was one of Crawfordsville's best known women and was identified prominently with church and civic affairs throughout her years in the city.  During the World War I, Mrs. Thomas knitted 11 sweaters and 23 pairs of socks; she contributed 20 hours per week on the French Relief Sewing Committee for DAR.   Mrs. Thomas served her regency for two years. After such a beneficial life for our society, sadly, she resigned in 1928. 


Descendant of James Lowes

According to the 1900 census of Montgomery County, Indiana, Mrs. Martha E. Lowes Williamson was born in Oklahoma in July, 1852.  She, her family, and her mother, Martha J. Lowes, widow, aged 78, were living at 520 East Main Street.  Martha E. Williamson was the mother of six children, two having died prior to the above census.   James H., William C., Robert M., and Louis K. were living with her in 1900.   She married Rev. James Williamson about 1875.  Other records of the society pinpoint her birth as July 5, 1852, in Hamilton, Ohio, daughter of James and Martha E. Lowes.

Mrs. Williamson served as Regent of Dorothy Q during 1900-1901. During her time, the chapter purchased five lineage books to begin the current library. Records of the chapter show that her membership was dropped in February 1, 1911. She died in 1928.


Descendant of Bernier Crane

Sophia Crane Ristine was born September 8, 1855, at Bainbridge, Indiana, the daughter of Abiathar and Caroline Adelia (Crane) Crane.  She moved to Crawfordsville in 1869, along with her mother, sister, and brother, Ben, a college student in the 1870 census.  She was probably named for her grandmother, Sophia Crane.   On November 22, 1883, she married Hosea Humphrey Ristine, a member of the law firm of Ristine & Ristine.  He died January 29, 1919.  Mrs. Ristine was living in Galveston, Texas, in the home of her daughter when she died November 16, 1942.  She was survived by that daughter, Eleanor Evans (Mrs. Stewart), and a son, Henry C. Ristine.  She had two grandchildren also.  Both she and her husband are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Crawfordsville.

Mrs. Ristine became Regent of Dorothy Q in 1906-1907.  During that time, she gave permission for the inscription of the names of the Revolutionary War Soldiers to be placed on the Soldier's Monument at the Montgomery County courthouse. She, too, resigned May 26, 1928.    


Descendant of Wittier Johnson

Jane Rose Campbell Anderson was born March 23, 1860, the daughter of John Lyle and Mary Ellen (Johnston) Campbell.  Her father was a professor at Wabash College for more than 50 years.  She married Albert Barnes Anderson, a prominent area attorney, on November 14, 1882.  She died June 28, 1942, in Indianapolis, age 82.  She is buried in the family plot in Oak Hill Cemetery, Crawfordsville.  Survivors were her sister, Mrs. Mary Campbell Crane, nieces and nephews.  She left the area in 1902 when her husband was appointed as Federal Judge of the Southern District of Indiana.

While living in Crawfordsville, she was engaged in many activities, but especially the field of music. She was an organist for a local church, a teacher of piano and organ, and a founder of the Crawfordsville Music Club.


Descendant of Joseph Darling

According to the 1900 census of Montgomery County, Miss L. Belle Sprague was living at 127 Water St. with her parents. She was born in Michigan in September 1870, the daughter of Adelbert and Erammie Sprague. Records for the chapter state that she was married to Robert Benedick prior to 1912. Her name was dropped from membership by the National Office on March 5, 1913.


Descendant of Col. Witter Johnston

Miss Lillian Whitney Blair was born March 7, 1862, the daughter of Robert and Jennie (Johnston) Blair. She was born in Montgomery County, Indiana, and spent most of her life in this area.  She taught English in the local high school for more than 40 years.  She was also Dean of Girls.  As a leader in state and local educational groups, she was instrumental in organizing a Girls' Reserve Club in the school.  She also taught at New Ross (Montgomery County), Madame Blaker's in Indianapolis, and Penn Hall, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. 

She left this area in 1933, moving to Chambersburg to be with her brother, the Rev. John A. Blair and his wife. Her death occurred November 1, 1937, in Pennsylvania, and her body was interred in Oak Hill Cemetery, Crawfordsville.  In addition to her brother, John, she was survived by another brother, Charles Blair of Chicago, and a nephew. Her resignation from membership was accepted in 1928. 


 Descendant of Capt. Enoch Beach     

Susan C. King Tuttle was born in Rockaway, New Jersey, on April 7, 1815, the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Barnabas King. In 1845, she married Joseph F. Tuttle, who, in the same year, became a Presbyterian Minister in Delaware, Ohio.  Two years later, the Rev. Tuttle and wife moved to Rockaway, where he continued as minister, working with the Rev. King.  In 1862 they came to Crawfordsville where the Rev. Dr. Tuttle became President of Wabash College.  She died April 30, 1902. She was survived by four children: Joseph Ferrand Tuttle, Arthur Tuttle, Mrs. Charles Lambert (Josephine) Thomas, and Mrs. Everett B. (Catherine Elizabeth) Thomson.  She was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery next to her husband, who had died in June 1901.    


Descendant of Capt. Enoch Beach   

Katharine Elizabeth Tuttle Thomson was born about 1850 in New Jersey, the daughter of Joseph Farrand Tuttle and Susan King Tuttle.  She came with her family to Crawfordsville in 1861, when her father became President of Wabash College.  On November 7, 1871, she married the Rev. Everett B. Thomson, who was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Crawfordsville for a number of years. The couple was married by her father, President Tuttle.  A note on the marriage record written by her father states: "Mr. Wallace, (clerk), will obligate me by entering the name of my daughter as Catharine E. Tuttle on the County Record. JFT"

At the time of her death, September 18, 1940, age 90, she was living in Los Angeles, California.  She is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery next to her daughter.  She was survived by a son, The Rev. Herbert Thomson of California, and preceded in death by two daughters, Mrs. Charles (Caroline) Moore, Mrs. Omer (Mary) Cox, and a sister, Mrs. C.L. (Josephine) Thomas.  Mrs. Thomson resigned her membership December 23, 1938. 


Descendant of Theophilus Humphrey (& John Mix)

Elizabeth Williams Ristine Olive was born in Crawfordsville on April 8, 1872, the daughter of Theodore Harmon and Katherine Williams (Thomson) Ristine.  She married Dr. Edgar W. Olive, a Wabash College professor of botany, the same year of Dorothy Q's charter.  From 1920 to 1945, Dr. Olive was associated with his brother's firm, George S. Olive Accountants of Indianapolis.  At the time of her death, August 2, 1960, they were living in Hollywood, Florida.  She was survived by her husband, a son, Theodore Olive, a daughter, Mrs. John Lawrence (Marian) Calvin, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Mrs. Olive was a member of Dorothy Q at the time of her death, and was likely a member longer than anyone, or at least, one of the longest standing members. All of her family are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Crawfordsville, Indiana.


Descendant of Col. Witter Johnston

Mary F. Campbell Crane was born May 12, 1867, in Crawfordsville, the daughter of John Lyle and Mary Ellen Johnston Campbell.  In 1896 she married Benjamin Crane.  He was a graduate of Wabash College and followed the practice of law until his death in 1924.  He served as a trustee of Wabash for many years.  A talented musician, Mary was a charter member of the Crawfordsville Music Club, a member of Morning Musicale Club and Athenian Club. She was active in the local historical society, Indiana Pioneers, and the Wabash Avenue Presbyterian Church.  She died Christmas Eve, 1943, and was survived by two daughters, Anna Caroline Crane and Mrs. James J. (Marian) Patterson.  She is buried next to her husband at Oak Hill Cemetery, Crawfordsville, Indiana.


Descendant of Col. Witter Johnston

Mary Ellen Johnston Campbell was born in Madison, Indiana, in 1835, the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. James H. Johnston.  Her father was a minister and an educator and came with his family to Crawfordsville in 1842. In 1854 she married John Lyle Campbell, a professor of physics and astronomy at Wabash College for fifty years. He died in 1904.  Mrs. Campbell was a prominent member of the community, being a charter member of both the Athenian Club and Dorothy Q Chapter, NSDAR.  Also, she was very active in missionary work. She, along with her sister, Mrs. Blair, were the oldest members of Center Presbyterian Church at the time of her death. 

In 1902-03, she served as Regent of the Dorothy Q Chapter. Each of the 41 members was assessed 25 cents to purchase a bronze tablet for the placement of the names of Revolutionary War Soldiers who were buried in this county.  Also, during this time, a Real Daughter was located. She was a member of Dorothy Q at the time of her death, on April 29, 1924, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Anderson of Indianapolis.  Survivors were Mrs. Benjamin (Mary E) Crane and Mrs. Bert B. (Jane Rose) Anderson, daughters. Another daughter, Mrs. Albert Baker, Indianapolis, died in 1910. A sister, Mrs. Robert (Jennie) Blair, also survived.  She was buried next to her husband in Oak Hill Cemetery, Crawfordsville, Indiana. 


Descendant of Capt. David Baker (NJ)

Miss Sadie Britton was born in Crawfordsville in 1871, the daughter of William P. and Elizabeth Johnson Britton. Her father, an attorney, was Judge of the Montgomery Circuit Court prior to 1900. He died in 1911. A graduate of Crawfordsville High School with the Class of 1890, she attended DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. She was employed with the Crawfordsville Public Library for over 30 years.  In 1922, she, her sister, Lulu Britton Hains, and her brother-in-law, Prof. Daniel D. Hains, moved to New York City. 

After the death of her sister (ca 1945) and Prof. Hains, Miss Britton continued living with a nephew, Daniel D. Hains, Jr., in New Jersey.  She died March 13, 1948, and is interred in the family plot in Oak Hill Cemetery, Crawfordsville.  She was survived by a niece and nephew.  A brother, Dr. Chester K. Britton, died in 1904.  On the application which she signed for the chapter's charter, she wrote her name as "Sada."  She resigned her membership in April, 1935. 


Descendant of William Taylor (NJ)

Mary Taylor Alexander was born in the month of July 1863, in the state of Ohio. She married Albert J. Alexander about 1892 and they were the parents of two daughters: Mary L., born 1893; and Elizabeth born 1899. In 1900 they resided at 407 E. Wabash Avenue, Crawfordsville, Indiana. Records at the National office indicated she died October 3, 1928. 


 Descendant of Abel Crane

Caroline Adelia Crane Briggs was born in Berkley, Bristol County, Massachusetts, on July 16, 1826.  She was the daughter of Levi L. and Sophie (Dillingham) Crane. Her first marriage was to Abiathar Crane, also of Berkley, on November 8, 1849.  Mr. Crane was born in the year 1819 and was a school teacher by profession.  They came immediately to the community of Bainbridge (Putnam County), where Mr. Crane specialized in the shipment of agricultural products to Eastern markets until his death. They became the parents of four children: Benjamin Crane (1850-1924); Ellen Crane (1853-1872); Abby Crane (1854 died at age 2 months); Sophia Crane Ristine (1855-1942), who became Regent of Dorothy Q Chapter in 1906. 

Following the death of Mr. Crane on March 24, 1856, she and her three children moved to Crawfordsville in 1868. Her second marriage was to Dr. Benjamin B. Briggs on May 25, 1870. They were the parents of one daughter, Caroline Briggs, who died in 1872 at the age of one year and ten months. Because of Dr. Brigg's health, they moved to LaCrescenta, California, a town which he had platted. He died February 15, 1893, and shortly thereafter, she returned to Crawfordsville. Mrs. Briggs died January 5, 1916, and was survived by her daughter, Sophia, and son, Benjamin. She is buried with her family in Oak Hill Cemetery, Crawfordsville. She was a continuous member of Dorothy Q until her death in 1916.

We regret that we cannot provide lineage information. The information on this page cannot be used as proof of service or lineage for purposes of joining DAR. For membership inquiries, please contact chapter for membership, Terri Fyffe or fill out the membership interest form on the NSDAR website

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